Discover the Power of Muay Thai in Tropical Phuket

Experience the thrill and tradition of Muay Thai in a setting that's as breathtaking as it is inspiring. Absolute MMA in Phuket invites you to join our beginner's Muay Thai program, designed for those who are wanting to get in the best shape of their life while taking their first steps into the world of martial arts.

No prior experience? No problem. Our program is tailored for those eager to get a kick-start with their training and discover their potential.

Dive into the essence of Muay Thai with a package that promises more than just training; it's an immersive experience. Here's what's in store for you:

  • 12 Expert-Led, Small Group Sessions: Engage in 12 dynamic Muay Thai sessions throughout your week of training. Our skilled coaches, deeply experienced in the discipline, will guide you through the fundamentals, ensuring a safe and enriching environment for learning and growth. Classes are small so you can get the attention you need to develop your skills.

  • 7 Nights of On-Site Bungalow Accommodation: Unwind in our on-site, air-conditioned bungalows, set amidst the lush beauty of Phuket. Located directly next to the gym, you'll be free of distractions and have no excuse not to make the most of your training. 


Kru Leamthong Leenoi

Kru Leamthong, is originally from Phang Nga province in south Thailand where he began his fighting career at the age of 9. Winning the Southern Thailand title at 45kg when he was young, Leamthong moved to Bangkok to pursue his fighting career and chase his dreams of becoming Champion at just 16 years of age!

In his career Leamthong stacked up over 300 fights, during which he realised his dreams and became the S1 Rajadamnern champion not once but twice, as well as winning the highly decorated Channel 3 8 man tournament championship! To add to his incredible achievements within Thailand, he’s also seen international success with fights on the famous Top King promotion in Indonesia before finishing his fight career at the age of 30, going out on top with a KO victory in Japan.

Now an extremely popular trainer, students seek out Leamthong for his mixed approach of modern and traditional techniques in his training sessions. High paced padwork with combinations, spinning and jumping techniques as well as your more “Thai style” power method of training, he has a great way of merging styles together.


Yai is a former champion of the Southern region and he has held top rankings at the prestigious Lumpini Boxing Stadium and Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium.

With over 300 fights and 15 years of coaching in countries such as Thailand, Australia, Singapore, China, and Japan, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.




Meet coach Jemad Wangnurak ‘Bang’, with 120 fights and 32 years of coaching experience. For two decades, he shaped fighters at Suwit Gym Phuket, followed by a remarkable 12-year stint at Lion Muay Thai Phuket which is now Absolute MMA.

He’s coached champions like Lertanan S. Nantani (Southern Champion) and Petchato S. Chao Pho (Toyota Champion).



The training facility is a classic Thai-style open air gym with fans blowing the tropical breeze through the gym while you train.

You'll enjoy training in the dedicated striking area with 2 boxing rings and plenty of top quality heavy bags.

Our mixed martial arts area includes a full-sized MMA cage, and dedicated grappling mats surrounded by cage walls.


Your on-site bungalow accommodation includes a queen sized bed, air-conditioning, internet, cable TV, private fridge and private en-suite. Bungalows are located right on site so you'll have no excuse not to train, open your door and you're already at the gym!


• 12 small, beginner-focused Muay Thai group classes over 6 days

• 7 Nights Bungalow Accommodation 


Extended training packages include 6 days of training per week and accommodation in our on-site bungalows.

For longer stays, please contact and chat to our friendly team for a quote.




Ensure your nutrition is on point and that you get the training results you are looking for!

If you have special dietary needs or requests, please contact to learn how we can help you meet your nutritional goals.